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The congress – stimulating environment, synergistic visitor streams

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The vibrant and versatile exhibition is embedded in a varied and high-calibre conference programme.

The day rooms are directly next to the exhibition and the times of events are coordinated to best promote the exchange between exhibitors and visitors.

Topics 2013

CONFERENCE 1 | Design, Build & Upgrade of Healthcare Facilities

The new-development of a bedding station, the equipment of a surgery, the carpeting of the paediatrics department, or an infrastructural overhaul within healthcare facilities are part of an overall planning process to streamline procedures and processes in order to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. The congress invites senior leadership of healthcare facilities, service provider and industry to discuss these developments.

CONFERENCE 2 | Leaders in Healthcare

How can healthcare managers cope with the economic, financial and regulatory changes affecting their traditional business model? Discuss the current challenges of the market with healthcare managers, politicians and regulatory managers.

CONFERENCE 3 | Process-Optimization and Facility Management in Hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to reduce costs by optimizing their workflows. Clinical Pathways, Lean-IT-Networks and Patient-Centric-Care optimizes processing within the environment of healthcare facilities in order to maximize efficiency.
Facility Management provides hospitals improved ways to reduce costs and enlarge quality in the current hospital  operations and processes, employee motivation and patient satisfaction. Having  been reduced for many years on service outsourcing of cleaning, catering or laundry services, FM now supports more complex areas such as construction, medical technology and the support of clinical processes and logistic services.

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