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About / Plan B

our people
Based in our offices in Eko Park, Warsaw we are a group of architects, interior designers and graphic artists working on projects throughout Europe. As an independent studio, without stock answers, we value working with clients and other designers looking for a fresh approach to each project.

our experience
Our staff have over thirty years experience working on healthcare, commercial and residential projects in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia & UK.

our focus
Each project for / Plan B is viewed as an opportunity, to create something beautiful whilst resol-ving the many issues created by the building process. From the first sketch through to the final handover we are firmly committed to producing architecture that is of value – value to the investor, value to the user and value to the community. This value is measured not only in the return on capital but also in the power of architecture to lift the spirit and to enrich people’s lives. / Plan B approaches each architectural project with the aim of clearly understanding the client, the challenge and the context. There are no standard solutions. Each new building is the result of specific circumstances, ranging from function or location or cost, formed through a ‘co-creative’ process involving the client, architect, engineers, contractors and agents, each delivering their own expertise.

our services / Plan B provide a comprehensive and coordinated range of skills and services including :-
Interior Design
Environmental Graphics
Wayfinding Signage
Product & Amenity Design

healthcare capability
Although started in the UK our more recent healthcare experience and activity has taken place in Germany and Poland. In Poland our office in Warsaw is capable of all aspects of the planning and construction procedures in Poland, with licensed local architects to carry out all legal responsibilities as required by Polish building laws. Unlike most of Europe, where healthcare planning standards are controlled and issued by the Departments of Health, in Poland the space standards and detailed layouts of departments and individual rooms are set by the hospital itself, through the use of medical consultants. This requires far greater involvement from the design team as each space and even relationships of rooms have to be agreed on an individual basis, rather than referring to national standards. These solutions are then carried forward through the standard procedures of Outline Building Permit / Environmental Impact Assessment (Raport o wpływie inwestycji na stan środowiska), Building Permit – (Pozwolenie na Budowe), Construction Project – (Projekt Wykonawczy) and Site Inspection – (Nadzór Autorski). We combine with local services engineers and statutory consultants (Sanitary, Health & Safety and Fire) to provide a full and comprehensive design service for all healthcare projects, including full interior design and signage, from concept through to handover. Our office in Poland has twelve staff, all bilingual in Polish and English. Other languages spoken are Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Polski – Michal Reduta  0048 691 505474
English – Simon Gregson  0048 601 265390

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