Albert Schweitzer Hospital

The Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht uses typical themes and colors of the city of Dordrecht as a guide for the five-year renovation of the hospital on the Dordwijk location.
Various buildings in Dordrecht are depicted (portrayed) within the interior design (decoration). Stories and icons for example are used in waiting rooms of an outpatient clinic which look like rooms from the Museum “Huis van Gijn” complete with fireplace and furniture in 19th-century style.

The local heritage center “DIEP” and several museums help to create a responsible view of the Dordrecht themes. The renovation includes all central areas and hallways, all outpatient clinics and the newly built departments.

KuiperCompagnons was commissioned with the so-called midlife-renovation of the hospital location. With an overall quality plan, the hospital wants to improve the experience of the hospital by patients and staff, by creating a pleasant atmosphere on a human scale. The different themes of the inner city are also used for orientation. Every separate building in the complex is given a special inner city theme, like the “Van Gijn” museum, library, writers, painters and harbor relinquishing the need for using numbers and letters for orientation purposes.

Quality plan
With this renovation approach the unity, tranquility and atmosphere are brought back into the building.  And there is room for diversity, for example with the use of different furniture in the different  departments, different styles of lighting and for the Dordrecht themes. The closer the visitor approaches his destination the more playful the décor becomes. Even in the rooms for treatments and operating rooms pictures, poems and artifacts continue the story of the city center.

The corridors are shaped like alleys, while the main hallways are like streets and avenues. Patios between the buildings are decorated with green and cane, thus symbolizing the close by Biesbosch moorlands.

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